Understanding Child Custody

This infographic is great for breaking down the basics of child custody.a1b9390771cb203a29bfaedc56216826.jpg


It is the policy of the State of California to promote frequent and continuous contact between children and both parents.  Parents have the right to visit their children.  Child custody and visitation is decided according to the “best interest of the child.”  Some parents believe that only weekend visitation for dad is appropriate. Other parents believe that their children should live in 2 homes. There may be reasons to limit one parent’s visitation or to prevent visitation. Consider what is best for your children.  Think of your children first.  To make the best decisions regarding child custody and visitation, it is important to understand how child custody cases are decided in California. As a general rule, the court likes to preserve the status quo and minimize the impact of divorce on the children as much as possible. I invite you to read my article on this topic, which talks about temporary custody, orientation and mediation, and how the judge makes custody and visitation orders. Child custody and visitation orders can be modified if circumstances change. 


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