How To Succeed Financially During And After A Divorce

Few people enter a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, but unfortunately, many marriages do. While no one wants to plan for a divorce, sound financial planning can help ease or protect against the financial effects of a divorce, should one come to pass. Below are 9 steps you can take that will serve you well as you embark on the divorce process.

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My name is Ekaterina Berman.  I help individuals and families with divorce, family law, spousal supportchild supportcustody and visitationproperty division, and domestic violence restraining orders. I also help with family immigration only.  My objective is to partner with you to help you ensure that the outcome of your matter is fair and appropriate, which means community and separate property interests are taken into account, support is set at the right level, and your relationship with your children is preserved.  What sets me apart is that I am the one responsible for your case from start to finish.  When we work together, we work as partners whose common goal is to put you in the best financial position to move on with your life.


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